: Sort search for recommended?

Hi. Am i right here? :slight_smile:
I want to sort my addon search with the filter: Sort by Recommendation.
There are only options for: Relevance, Recently Updated, Most Users, Top Rated, Trending.
Sorting for “Recommended” is missing.

There is a checkbox so that you can only see Recommended add-ons. It’s not a sort, but it’s a filter. In addition to that, Recommended add-ons should show up at the top of most search results, so that sort option would be generally redundant.

You can feed recommended + relevance to the API by modifying the URL, but the results aren’t split-ranked into a recommended group followed by a non-recommended group. The sorting is more subtle (or puzzling, as the case may be). For example:,relevance

OK, thank you :slight_smile:
I’ve overseen the checkbox, perhaps due to my darkmode.