Address bar button not working on android nightly

I’m working off the documentation here:

Specifically, in the section " Effect on your add-on UI":

“However, you can expose your extension as an option under the Add-ons item in the browser menu or as an address bar button.”

I tried implementing an address bar button using MV2 and pageAction; when I call, all it does is add a list item on the Add-ons menu.

How can I get it to load an address bar button (like readability)?

when I call .show(), “zk” is added to the Add-ons menu:

I just looked through the source:

and it doesn’t look like the toolbar supports a button configured via a webextension, it only supports home button, readerview, translate, shopping, and erase.

Is this correct?

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Years ago, Chrome deprecated pageAction in favor of browserAction, which was renamed to “action” in Manifest V3. It looks like Firefox for Android is following the same strategy.

On desktop, browserAction has a “Pin to Toolbar” option, but this doesn’t appear to exist on Android.

I have the same problem with IPvFoo: the icon is always visible on desktop, but buried under 2 taps on Android. It’d be nice to at least have an option to Pin the add-ons menu itself.

the addblock extension for firefox android enables the url button – so it works somehow. ill reverse the add-on when I have time…

That would be interesting to try, but I can’t find an extension named “addblock”


Hey Folks,

It is not possible to add buttons to the address bar. Extensions can only add entries to the Add-ons menu on Firefox for Android.

I will get that document updated – “or as an address bar button” needs to be removed. That was the case in Firefox for Android <= 68, but not in recent Firefox for Android versions.

Apologies for the confusion.


Darn! I was accidentally testing with the reference browser which supports it (and it looks good!)

Do you know why it was removed ?

Sorry, that I do not know.

Can I overload the built-in shopping button (which shows up inside the omnibox just like the readability button/translate button etc) ?