Address bar suggestions

Hey everyone. I am making a browser extension for the first time and I am facing a problem regarding address bar suggestions.

I made a test addon and included the “omnibox” key in the manifest with a keyword “go”. However, even without actually adding any suggestions to the bar, I always see one suggestion regardless of what I type and it takes me to moz-extension://dabeee47-5dbb-6a4a-a2eb-5de456b77ae9/. Does anybody know why this might be happening?

As you know, the top bar of the drop-down always provides information about what Firefox plans to do with the address bar input. I guess until you go ahead and call setDefaultSuggestion() this might be a placeholder for that?

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But isn’t this setDefaultSuggestion supposed to be optional?

It is optional to change the contents, yes. But the item can not be removed.