Advanced Training on WebXR at Hyderabad, India


(Ranjith Raj) #1

WebXR Hyderabad community has been active so far past a year teaching WebXR sessions in different areas of Hyderabad and nearby cities/towns with a reach of teaching 2000+ members basics of Aframe and WebXR technologies.

Now we are planning to gear-up organising a 4-day^ advanced training on WebXR, a free event workshop at ThoughtWorks Hyderabad.

^ (4-weekends| 14, 21, 28(saturdays) and 29(Sunday) July 2018)

We’ve selected around 40 people from 400+ applications and training them. Most of them are attended basic sessions by us previously. In a way, this is train the trainers for WebXR Hyderabad community volunteers. These participants will be trained on three JS, WebGL, Creating glTF models using Blender & Krita, dive deep into Aframe & AR.JS. (lightening talks on Babylon JS, Argon and other technologies of WebXR)

Hopefully, we can work on scaling up the reach of our community after this program, with these partipants as speakers.

Mozilla Hyderabad link

Note: With requests from many who applied so far, we decided to do a basic training track parallal to advanced training at same venue and timings. Applications for basic track are still open, apply Here .

Updates about bothe tracks will be posted to our telegram group

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