Advisory title contain links, should i remove?

some links contain links in advisory title.
should i remove them ?
is it a good from accessbility point of view.

I’m not really sure what you mean by this description. Can you give an example, and describe what seems to be wrong with it?


Crash tracking => Socorro
ctrl+k => Socorro
pop up => advanced => advisory title

sheppy on #mdn has clarified positively and clearly.

[19:02] leela52452: is it okay to delete advisory title in URLs if it contains URL ?
[19:02] sheppy: Yeah, if the title is just a URL, you can remove that.
[19:06] leela52452: sheppy i just want to double sure, can you please
[19:07] leela52452: Crash tracking => Socorro, ctrl+k => Socorro, pop up => advanced => advisory title
[19:11] sheppy: leela52452: Yup, that’s it. Just erase that field and save.
[19:11] sheppy: Or replace it with a useful title about what Socorro is.
[19:14] leela52452: sheppy thanks a lot