Advocacy category

There is no Advocacy & Policy category for us to share and discuss about campaigns and events around Internet governance, privacy campaign and internet policy such as net neutrality. We should made one.

Perhaps with subcategory - events & campaigns, policy discussion, privacy discussion

(I remember that there is a dedicated discourse instance, but it’s not really matter now we have this popular central plaza, right?)

There is still a dedicated instance, but it’s still using Persona which means nobody can log in.

We’re working with the advocacy team to explore options (most likely making a category here as you suggest), but it’s not a priority for either team right now so we’re not sure when that’ll happen.


Hi, any progress on brining advocacy and policy discussion here? I believe it will help us co-working together on defending internet everywhere.

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Hey Irvin,

The issue tracking the migration is here:

It’s (still) not a priority for either team, but things are slowly moving forwards.