After 5000 sentence collected, how long it takes to launch new language?

Hi everyone, we just added and reviewed 5000 sentences as required for Uyghur language, but still not launched on the Common Voice, the sentences number only shows 115/5000 in Language page of Common Voice which is far less what we have done.
How long it takes to be launched on Common Voice after sentences collection done?
could any one give info on this, thank you .


Exports from the Sentence Collector are automatically done every Friday. As per right now there are 4272 exported sentences. Sentence Collector currently has 5346 sentences, so the remaining sentences would be exported next Friday.

Once sentences are exported they get added to the Common Voice website. These releases happen every second Wednesday:

I will adjust the Sentence Collector export to be early Wednesday mornings UTC to make sure we have as many sentences in those releases as possible. This means that with the next release Uyghur will be enables for voice contributions.


Thank you for your quick response, now it is crystal clear. we will keep our eyes on that.

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