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Some Blogposts:
By @umesh

By Soledad:

Hello All,

Its my First Blog Post I am not good on writing all observations remarks are welcome and needed :smile:

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Official Mozilla Blog:

Reps, if you were there and wrote a blog post let me know. I’d like to link to it from our Reps blog :slight_smile:


I’ve posted in here its a simple post, I will follow up with more content soon (mostly regarding Firefox OS on PI)

Hey all, sorry for the delay but here’s the blog post:
Thank you all for sharing your blog posts :slight_smile:

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This is great reads, have added a section with links to the posts on the MozFest wiki [1].


thank you oliver!

Ey everyone,

Is it OK if we archive this category now? We want to keep Reps subcategories tidy and avoid having subcategories for one project or one event since we can’t scale that without having a lot of noise on subcategory listing.

i think the ideal scenario would be to have a general Events category for this kind of communications.

Thoughts @yousef @tad @Kensie ?

Sounds good to me, would you like us to archive this category?

Let’s wait a couple of days and if nobody is opposed here by the end of the week we can proceed.

Nobody commented, so @yousef please archive this category.


There is an event category but it seems currently very focused on debriefs.

Yes it’s, for that reason if we need subcategories for discussing specific events planning, that should have its own parent category.