AI Games Jam: designing games for learning about AI

This session is facilitated by Dominic Pates, Jane Secker

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About this session

A short presentation about City, University of London’s new MSc in Artificial Intelligence. An introduction to games-based learning and some approaches already in use. In small groups, participants will take part in a games jam activity that involves generating ideas and ideally creating a prototype board game for postgraduate students to learn about the ethical development and use of AI. Each group will have an opportunity to ‘pitch’ their game to the whole group at the end of the session.

Goals of this session

For participants to explore some existing games-based learning approaches, and to create prototype games for learning about ethics in AI.

Thanks to everyone who attended this fantastic session. We’ve just written up a blog post sharing our reflections on it:
We also plan to share our resources openly for those who might want to try out our Games Jam methodology! It can be adapted to create educational games on all sorts of topics and we’re very grateful to Alex Moseley (university of Leicester) and Charlie Farley (University of Edinburgh) for the inspiration.