Aiming to work with no more than one container _and_ avoid (default) non-contained work


  1. I have a single container for all work (let’s name it ‘caboodle’) and
  2. I make every effort to avoid any work being non-contained or de-contained

– then will my single-container working environment be significantly different from working without containers?


Closed a year or so ago, but the issue continued to bug my use of Firefox – and was reproducible in safe mode:


… so frequent a problem with Gitter in multiple tabs in Firefox that I habitually restricted Gitter to no more than one tab.

– still, that single-tab restriction was not enough to reliably avoid the issue.

Now, happily:

For the past few days, I have restricted my use of Gitter to a Firefox container. Touch wood:

  • with the containment, no problems

– no mismatches, and so on …

If that truly is a workaround: I don’t understand why, and (sorry) I can not be sure that future changes to containers technology and/or related extensions, by Mozilla and others, will allow the workaround to remain good.

There remain:

Whilst those uncertainties continue: I’m crossing my fingers, stepping up my use of Gitter to multiple chat rooms in a single container in a single window … hopefully the workaround will remain good.

Inexplicably good will be better than nothing!

Whilst I have not used Mozilla’s extension for the supposed workaround, it does make sense to mention what’s above here:

– I’m not aware of Mozilla gathering Firefox containers use cases in any other area.