Alarms (browser.alarms) disappearing after granting incognito access

I’ve noticed that alarms are disappearing on granting incognito access.

This is log before granting incognito access:

After granting incognito access alarms simply disappears:

Does anyone have any idea what can cause such behavior? Somehow this happens only in Firefox, although I’m using the same code for Chrome and Firefox.

An extension I talking about is Censor Tracker:

I believe when you grant Private Browsing access and it restarts the add-on, it’s treated as an update, not a new install. So I think it’s that you’ve restricted the installation handler to trigger only on an install, not an update

I’ve only glanced at your code, but I think an issue you are going to run into is that Firefox alarms are not persistent between sessions. So if you close Firefox, those alarms are gone. They have to be recreated when you open Firefox again.

This has the benefit of not leaving behind expired alarms. Chrome leaves those alarms behind and they will be executed as soon as the browser opens, if they were supposed to have already been executed.


You were absolutely correct! Thank you so much! You saved me a lot of time. Thank you again and have a great weekend!