Alternatives to the legacy Zombie Keys extension

Keyword: multilingual

I don’t imagine a like-for-like successor to Zombie Keys, but can anyone suggest extensions – for Chromium, or Firefox – that might be enhanced to work with modernised Thunderbird?

I identified three potential candidates:

Source code is available.

For it to work with Thunderbird, it should, I guess, first work with Firefox 95.0.2 (it does not; I sent an e-mail to the developer).

Not an extension, but since you seem to be on Linux, maybe the Compose key might be of interest to you?

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The wish for an extension was more for someone else, than for me. That person seemed more interested in complaining than in any solution, so I removed (from a forum elsewhere) what was previously a cross-reference to this topic.

Still, it will be nice to have an extension.

For myself: years ago I enjoyed the Mac OS X approach to keystrokes for character composition.

When I switched to FreeBSD, I missed the predictability of Apple’s approach.

After I taught myself to use Unicode composition for the non-keyboard characters that I most often use, I made the decision to not learn use of the compose key.

U+2013 for – an en dash, U+2026 for … an ellipsis, and so on.

More specifically: Control-Shift-U

For less memorable compositions, I use KCharSelect: