Amazon S3 Organizer tool keeps upgrading

(Ehayes) #1

We have several users lately who have complained about needing to downgrade their version of Firefox in order to use the Amazon S3 organizer tool. Apparently, Firefox keeps upgrading to the latest version despite our telling it not to. We have had to spend a good deal of time downgrading Firefox so these users can use S3. Is there an updated version of the S3 organizer tool plug-in we can install to get around this issue? Is there a client we can install on the workstation to get around Firefox altogether? Interested in whatever feedback you can provide.

(Lightnin32123) #2

I have started using Cloudberry Explorer (Free Version) for Windows. It is similar to S3 Organizer but I still keep checking back and hoping for an update. The interface is a bit outdated but it seems to work fine. Hope this helps…

(Ehayes) #3

Thank you! I’ll check into that. It’s just so frustrating to have to downgrade the browser every few days :frowning: