AMO Bug? Release notes not shown on en-GB install pages?

For some time I haven’t seen the “Release notes” paragraph on the installation pages of my browser extensions. But then suddenly one day I saw it on one of my extension, only for being gone the next time I visited the installation page.

Digging deeper, it looks like it isn’t visible on “en-GB” version of the installation page. But it is visible on f.ex “da”, “es” and “en-US” versions of the install page? :

Hmm, same problem on the /versions page.

Puzzling why en-GB doesn’t fall back to the default locale for release_notes as it does for the other fields, and as other locales do. Even en-CA seems to work. ???

It’s getting stranger…
If I enter the Install page (en-GB version) from a search result on AMO, it will initially show the Release notes. However if I then reload the Install page, the Release notes disappears from the page?..

Mine only appears to “en-CA” viewers (I am Canadian).

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Can you please file an issue here?

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@jorgev please, does it also need an addons-frontend issue?