AMO in read-only mode on Monday, February 25th

Hello everyone,

AMO will be read-only for the span of a few hours on Monday, February 25th, due to a planned server migration. It won’t be possible to create or edit add-ons, ratings, or collections. Once the migration is over, everything should be back to normal.

I’ll post back on this thread once that’s done.


As I can’t login I guess migration began, any estimation when migration will be done?

Hi folks, the server migration is complete and the site is back to normal.

Hey guys,

Is it just me or the extension upload service is down? I’ve been tryin’ for 2 day now to upload a new one but I get an error:
“Oops! We had an error.
We’ll get to fixing that soon.
You can try refreshing the page, or head back to the Add-ons homepage.”. Thanks!

Hey @andreibicky! That sounds like a bug. Can you file an issue and include the exact URL, the steps to reproduce the issue, and the file you are trying to upload? If you could also mention the date/time you experienced this, that would be great – we can check the logs for the error.