AMO is using User Agent and offer no alternative link


I’ve changed my user agent on purpose and discovered that I can’t install add-ons from AMO now. Direct link to the xpi file work, but use another profile to get it is annoying, and reset UA then set it again is more annoying.

Can we at least have a fallback link pointing directly on the XPI file in a corner, or better, stop using the bad and old method of UA detection to hide the link?


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Hi @Breizh, thanks for reaching out. We have an open issue to enable the download button for other browsers, but it’s not on a near-term roadmap. Candidly, AMO is intended to be a browser-version-specific site; we expect the site to experience some breakages for folks who change their user agents.

You could try executing something like this in the Web Console on the page to grab the first qualifying URL:

var versions = JSON.parse(document.getElementById('redux-store-state').textContent).versions;
location.href = versions.byId[Object.keys(versions.byId)[0]].platformFiles.all.url;
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I understand that, I just ask a fallback. I see on another issue mentionned in the issue you linked the proposition to add a little grey link “Try to install anyway” and I think it’s a good and simple solution.