AMO low rating empty review abuse


For quite some time AMO decided to allow empty reviews to be posted, especially 1 star reviews, based on the excuse that it was meant to encourage more mobile users to review the add-ons on the mobile version of the browser.

Problem is, the only add-on I have on AMO has never been designed to work for mobile, regardless the system consistently enables it as mobile compatible each time a new version is uploaded forcing us, developers to edit the entire upload details in order to remove any mobile compatibility forced by AMO itself, despite the fact that mobile was disabled during the upload of the version update, a problem that I reported here and is still yet to be resolved: AMO allowing mobile installation when it is not marked as compatible

Your solution to this was to simply start hiding mobile reviews from everyone and all empty reviews as well, even the developer, making AMO a place where developers feel less welcomed by since they are completely denied any possibility now to reply or report these reviews seeing that they are now no longer accessible via the AMO page directly.

Regardless, in the past day I received (yet again) a 1 star review from a user complaining that in the past he never had problems installing the addon on his Samsung Tablet, a mobile platform, and now he couldn’t anymore since it was no longer marked as “compatible”. This review was available here until the mods removed it, since it is against the rules to use the review section to post issues or bug reports:

Before it was removed I did reply explaining that the add-on was never built for mobile platform and explained the review section rules against this kind of review.

However, this user has now taken a path of revenge and after noticing that his previous review has been deleted, this is what he decided to do now; post an 1 star review again, but this time with absolutely no content whatsoever, something that AMO mods are keen to not remove, based on the “encouraging” logic described in the beginning:

As you can see, that comment can be accessed directly via that link, but if try to find it through the review section of the add-on, you can’t since AMO hides these reviews from everyone else.

The same thing can be confirmed if you try to find the other 1 star review that appears in the stats, but you will never be able to locate it via the reviews section since it his hidden from everyone as well.

So I would like to know, is this suppose to continue? Are we developers just have to take this s#it for the rest of our stay on AMO? Because this is highly discouraging for a developer and encourages us, developers, to completely ignore the review section permanently, as if AMO had any more reasons to become worse after the recent scam add-ons spam.

As it stands, and for quite some time now, there is absolutely nothing preventing mobile users to spam 1star empty reviews on any add-on, completely destroying the honest reviews for future users since the overall reviews stands lower than it should be because of this situation that keeps going on unchecked by AMO, in fact it encourages users to ruin review sections, which we could observe in the example I posted above by the Samsung Tablet user.