AMO reviewer keeps trying to run the wrong extension & it's going to result in my addon being disabled

Hey all, looking for some suggestions on a very strange and incredibly frustrating experience with

I created an open-source addon for called “Floaty Boi” that has been well received by its handful of users. On April 24th, after pushing an update to AMO, I received notification that my addon would be disabled as it didn’t pass review. Included in the email was a paste of the log from the reviewer showing that the build failed.

Upon reviewing the logs, I noticed that they were for a completely different extension that had nothing to do with my own.

As you can see in the image, the logs are for a “dropbox-passwords” extension, not my own.

I immediately responded and the reviewer apologized within a day. They provided a new set of logs that showed them not following my provided instructions to get addon built, so I provided additional & more thorough step-by-step instructions via email.

That was on April 26th, it is now May 8th and my addon is set to be disabled tomorrow with no ability to get in touch with the reviewer. I received a reminder email citing the initial failure logs (the one that has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY EXTENSION) as the reason my addon will be disabled tomorrow.

There is absolutely nothing I can do, and the reviewer’s incompetence will lead to my addon being disabled + user frustration that will cause it to lose all momentum.

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