AMO update version - validation error (1st line of an external class file: the import statement of needed functions)

I’m using Firefox (user) 72.0.2 (64-bit) and new Class structure with public fields inside the class. The class is in an external file and is accessed via an import {ClassName} statement. I have NOT declared an html script link of type module - but, my app/class WORKS WELL when testing it. I test it by adding it thru debug|add temporary file. The class file has an import (functions…) as the first statement (prior to the class definition).

This class structure should be valid to the AMO linter if it works in my browser version???

The add-ons linter doesn’t fully support ES6, it seems. There are some issues already filed for it, like this one.

So how else are you loading your JS file then?

Thank you! Your link to mozilla/addons-linter is exactly the info I needed. I will be patient - and glean some virtue.

jorgev provided me with the answer I needed. It appears there are still some linter problems when updating thru AMO - regarding classes.

In answer to your question (how without module statement): via es6 import statement.