AMO won't remove insulting user reviews


@jorgev, @AMO:
I’ve set the listing visibility of my extension to “Invisible”, because even after several weeks AMO just ignores user reviews being flagged.

There are a lot of reviews that are in conflict with the review guidlines, but one in particular violates against at least 3 rules, since it is full of insults, false statements and (false) bug reports.

Besides flagging those reviews multiple times, I tried contacting the AMO team via e-mail, but without any result whatsoever.

I’ve spent a huge amount of time developing & maintaining the addon, communicating with users via e-mail, discussing issues on GitHub and realising dozens of user wishes / feature requests.
All I ask for in return is not to have the public addon page cluttered with reviews from haters.

The last days nasty reviews have been accumulating and there is absolutely nothing I can do to prevent users from posting multiple reviews (they just have to have multiple accounts).

I learned on this forum that a lot of developers have troubles with the same issue and I hope that AMO will rethink on what is more important to them: Developers who create free software for thousands of users or a small group of haters.

Thanks for your attention.

EDIT: Would it be a good idea to self-host the addon and how would I proceed in order to allow the users to bring their storage over to the self-hosted version, before I delete the AMO-listed version?