Analyze Add-ons performance impact on a user

Hi all.
We’ve been working on a tool for measuring extensions/add-ons performance impact on a user -


Image: Additional scripting work added by extensions to the main thread in Chrome.

It was possible to do for Chrome because it has extended API to measure performance, especially long tasks API.
It will be awesome to do the same for Firefox but currently, there is no API to do these kinds of measurements. Polyfills for interactive metrics also doesn’t work.

Referencing github issue:

Will be happy to hear community feedback about that idea and support to raise the question for API implementation priority :slight_smile:


Thanks, @denysov.artem! Would you be interested in sharing this at the upcoming Add-ons Show & Tell on June 27, 2019 2:30 PM?

There’s a bug filed to implement the Long Task API. Would you be interested in contributing to it? @digitarald can help from the Profiler side.

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Thanks for the invite. I’d love to join the meeting and share the results :slight_smile: Do you usually create a presentation for that or it’s just up to presenter, no strict rules?
Do I need just fill the document with the topic?

About Long Task API. I would more than happy, but I’m not good at C, C++ at all.

It’s a pretty casual show & tell meeting – participants usually share their screens to show what they’ve been working on and spend a few minutes talking about the project, and then there’s a brief show & tell. Most shares are about 5 minutes long so no need to prepare anything super in-depth. :slight_smile:

No worries at all about the bug! @digitarald’s out on PTO this week but when he gets back he may be able to comment on prioritization.

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Got it. Thanks. I’ll be there :slight_smile:
And can’t wait to hear @digitarald thoughts about API and stuff :slight_smile:

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@digitarald do you have or can you share some plans, or milestones, or maybe some info out of Bugzilla tickets regarding Long Tasks API?