Android app?


This project is really fascinating and I’m interested to contribute -especially because my native language is just already available!

I’ve heard that there’s a dedicated iOS app for this, but I hope there’s also an Android app for this. It would make the contributing experience easier and more fun! -and also because I don’t have iOS devices, I only have an Android device hehe

Hope this could be a consideration.

Thank you for reading!

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On Android you can use directly your browser to use the site, since most Android browsers support the technology to capture your audio, which is not the case for Safari on iOS and that’s the reason we need an app there.

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Ok, but it will be more easier if there is an Android app.
I hope they finally release it.

There are no plans for an Android app at the moment.

We are however thinking on the possibility of enabling the site so it can be installed from the browser as a PWA (progressive web app), which will essentially look as an app on Android.