Android app?


This project is really fascinating and I’m interested to contribute -especially because my native language is just already available!

I’ve heard that there’s a dedicated iOS app for this, but I hope there’s also an Android app for this. It would make the contributing experience easier and more fun! -and also because I don’t have iOS devices, I only have an Android device hehe

Hope this could be a consideration.

Thank you for reading!


On Android you can use directly your browser to use the site, since most Android browsers support the technology to capture your audio, which is not the case for Safari on iOS and that’s the reason we need an app there.

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Ok, but it will be more easier if there is an Android app.
I hope they finally release it.

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There are no plans for an Android app at the moment.

We are however thinking on the possibility of enabling the site so it can be installed from the browser as a PWA (progressive web app), which will essentially look as an app on Android.



Hi all,

U people not interested to build the app for android.
I am android developer may I launch the app for common voice to my play store account.
If any restriction have please share the details

@manimaran thanks for the offering, but as I commented in my previous message, there is no need for an app. We want to enable PWA on the site so people can “install” it on their android devices if they want to.


@nukeador thanks for your response.

Please check here :

Apk link :

I ask you, I want to publish this app to my google play store console.
Any restriction have in mozilla side. please share with me.

@manimaran I would like to understand what problem are you trying to solve here.

Maintaining an app for android is something that takes time and continuous commitment, and that’s why we decided to rely on the website since it was already providing the same experience, value and in the future it can be better integrated with the OS (by having a homepage shortcut and others) via PWA.

At the moment we don’t have the resources to review or support a third party Android app and we would like ensure users are not confused and contribute from the website on Android.

I know you are really passionate about this, I would suggest you connect with @mbranson and the dev team and figure out how to support our PWA plans for Android. That will bring a lot of value to Android users who want to contribute to the project.

Thanks for your understanding.