Animated Theme/Page Load Suggestion:

Okay, I’m new here, so if this has been discussed, please point me to the right place. I also was unable to find out where else to go for this, therefore I posted here.

It would be nice to have the animated themes as long as they weren’t constantly animating. Maybe one turn of the animation when the theme is activated, but not all the time. Instead, they could animate so long as conditions are met.

For loading a page:
A) Animate when current tab is loading (default)
B) Animate when any tab is loading

When page loading is done:
A) Stop animation on current frame (default)
B) Reset animation to first frame

This could be the “reboot” of the loading icon, but handled by animated themes. I use an animated Firefox theme, and thought it would look real nice if it wasn’t always the animation but instead only when loading.

I hope this gets through, as it’s an old concept, but still a nice thing some of us miss. I know you older users would love to have an animated Netscape Navigator running while loading a page. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for reading and thanks for any support or comments!

This could probably be achieved by using a combination of and

Meaning it would no longer be a pure theme but a “dynamic theme” or extension.

So would this better be its own extension to handle the theme animations? Or would it need to be built into a theme?

I’d say having a separate thing is probably more complicated, since you’d have to include the images within the XPI that does the switching afaik.