Announcing Service Desk


MCWS has launched our new Service Desk for managing requests and incidents

How to Raise a Ticket

  • Log in using your Mozillians ID
  • At the moment only Mozillians in the NDA group can raise tickets. This is a stop-gap as we decide exactly how open we want the portal to be
  • Select the type of ticket you want to raise eg
    • Request a new service
    • Report a problem with a service
  • Follow the instructions on the form

You can also email, especially if you have a general question. Anyone you cc on the email will be added as a participant.

We prefer you use the form for all other requests, however if you need to report a problem and cannot access the form, please use “Problem” in the subject to ensure it is routed correctly.

Why Jira Service Desk?

Links to Inventory

MCWS have been using Jira along with an add-on called Insight to manage our inventory and link that inventory to related tasks. Insight allows that inventory to be available when raising tickets in Jira Service Desk. It also allows the options presented to be dynamic.

This screenshot is taken from the “Report a Problem” form. First we have selected MCWS from the list of communities. Now we can see that only services related to MCWS are available as options:


The Bugzilla team cannot support forms. We had asked to have our bugzilla components and form consolidated to better reflect our current structure within Mozilla. Unfortunately this is not trivial to do in Bugzilla. Service Desk, on the other hand, is purpose built to provide users with easy to use forms.

Email Support

While we prefer you to use the form to file a request, you can then use email to receive updates and reply to those updates.

Dynamic Documentation

Coming soon

Service Desk can be linked to a knowledge base and dynamically suggest articles based on the request type and the information submitted in the form.

Feedback wanted!

Please let us know by replying to this topic if you have any issues using the portal, including suggestions to improve the wording or fields available on the forms.

URGENT - End of life for OVH VPSes


@flod If you would be so kind, could you use this portal to raise those issues you mentioned in the OVH thread? You can be our guinea pig.

(Syamkumar) #4

Currently the IAM login supports LDAP , GitHub and Google providers only. So people having Firefox Account’s as an authentication provider has to wait . We will be adding the Firefox authentication soon…

(Francesco Lodolo [:flod]) #5

Happy to, but I tried logging in with GitHub, personal LDAP, LDAP, and none of them work. Every time I get a message that I’m not authorized.

It looks like you don’t have access to this help center. If possible, please try contacting us another way.

(Zach) #6

One thing I noticed is that the icon in the top left is small enough that you can’t read what it says.

(Francesco Lodolo [:flod]) #7

Login is fixed, still can’t use the form (Community is a mandatory field, but the list is currently empty). Please ping me when you think the form is ready and I’ll try again.


Thanks, will look into these. It all works for me, but I have admin permissions. Also this is our first time using the IAM connector, so lots of things to test.


Thanks, that’s a limitation of the version we’re using. There are add-ons to change the theme. I’ll play with one next weekend.

(Syamkumar) #10

hey, @flod fixed that issue, can you try using it now.

(Francesco Lodolo [:flod]) #11

Thanks, it works now (opened 3 tickets). Then I realized I could have probably used the “Retire a service” for at least one of them, but it was too late.

Also noted some weird behavior with markdown formatting: it does “things” to the formatting of the text (e.g. on headings), but not what you would expect.