Announcing the Firefox Fights for you video challenge

Hello Mozillians,

We are happy to announce the next opportunity to help Mozilla in 2019.

Spread the word by making your own "Firefox Fights For You" video in your own language and sharing it with world! The groups that make the best videos will win cool prizes!

The Firefox Fights for You campaign, launched at the start of Dec 2018, with a set of compilation videos where people “tell our story together” in 3 languages (English, German, French). Now we are asking to make your own videos in your own language and enter the competition to win “Firefox Fights for you” T-shirts.

For helping you creating your own video we have posted instructions here. In case you have any questions, Rainer, the creator of the original videos has an Ask Me Anything discourse topic to help you with any kind of questions you might have regarding.

Are you excited yet? Register here and get ready for the creativity contest. Submissions are open and will remain open until February the 3rd. We will post the submission information on the event page.

Keep on rocking the free web!

NOTE: For spanish speaking Mozillians, you can see the localized content here


Missing link? I suppose this should either link to or say “on the campaign page”?

Where is that?

We’re still working on setting the time so we will have the date on Monday for the AMA. You’re right there is a link missing, fixing it now.

thanks :slight_smile:


available videos :

I participated in the French video