Any chance of bringing back the Tilt 3d View?

I must be weird, but that was an actually useful feature, imaginative and with no parity elsewhere. For some period of time I used Firefox solely because I enjoyed that feature.

I still check in occasionally hoping to see it when I have to troubleshoot a related issue. And when I bring it up to people who remember it…well they seem kinda bummed about it being gone as well.

To be sure, its not a ravenous need, but it was a nice to have, that caught certain issues way early on. Even none of the 3rd party versions work anymore…

So, what would it take for it to make a comeback?

Now with the developer tools addons maybe it is possible to rewrite

AS I can see are only js injected in the page but I am not an expert of the old framework

FWIW, if you want maybe you might be interested in What's the best way to approach z-index issues? and porting the existing z-index prototype to a WebExtension

Tilt uses some super powers that I believe are unavailable to WebExtensions, which is to copy over the contents of the DOM to a canvas. It was also architected to be single-process, so it would require a lot of migration to make it multi-process.

The z-index tool would be much easier to port, and is based on stacking contexts, which I found really useful to understand my stacking order.

Maybe add the hacktoberfest label to the ticket and some will do the magic :smiley: