Any Chance Tab Groups Will Ever Come?

Maybe this isn’t the right place to ask about this, so apologies ahead of time.

Do we think Firefox is ever going to get tab groups the way Chromium has them? Before someone says no, I want to know why, is there a technical reason for this?

The reason I’m asking is that some features in browsers are “nice to haves”, but other features are becoming standard features that all browsers kinda need to have to compete in any real way. IMO tab groups has become exactly this and for me it’s the primary reason I do not use Firefox anymore despite how much I prefer certain aspects of it.

The thing is, one can overlook smaller things, like slightly worse performance, some feature differences, etc… But tab groups has become a staple and I think this is something that Mozilla should be looking into. Not only that, but (and I’m by no means a dev), it doesn’t seem like it’d be that hard of a thing to do?

I personally keep huge numbers of tabs open that I do want active and without tab grouping this becomes completely unmanageable.

Lastly I’ll say that a 3rd party extension is not the solution for this, so before someone suggestions it I’m aware things like OneTab and other alternatives exist, but they are by no means user friendly.

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There are several issues to follow in Bugzilla and Mozilla Connect:

(and probably more)

And lastly, take another look at the extensions. More may have been added, and the extensions you previously tested might have been improved.

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Hey thanks I really appreciate all the info here!

As for using extensions, even if they work better/more similar to Chrome I personally limit extensions as much as possible for security purposes so I’m not sure I’d consider that a full solution.

This all makes more sense to me now though so thanks for all the resources!

Completely agree. Other than Ublock, NoScript and No-cache, the rest needs to be in Firefox. (and I wouldn’t complain if those were made part of Firefox either) Tab groups would be a welcomed enhancement.

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Yeah for sure, the more “core” like features that can be directly integrated the better IMO. But I’m even more weary with something that has access to all tabs and browser data.

The available extensions do NOT offer the correct functionality, and nobody seems to have any answers about why they haven’t implemented it yet. It seems like a simple UI addition, no? Firefox’s UI is already very modular, so I am confused on what the issue is.