Any extensions suggest to replace these?

(Elektra Alpha) #1

Firefox 57 has terminated support for many extensions and I don’t know which or where to find replacement of what I’m using.

(Martin Giger) #2

You can use feedly directly on and if you want a companion in your toolbar there are feedly extensions available on AMO (that button will help you there).

ChatZilla has to replaced by another IRC client, like Thunderbird, Hexchat, irccloud, mibbit etc.

For the other extensions I can’t really help you, though with CTR it really depends on what you used it for and I’m sure there’s some google translate extension on AMO that will fit you.

How chatzilla enable in firefox quantum
(Elektra Alpha) #3

Thanks. I use CTR for extra toolsbar (I like to place search bar and address bar in different line). And for getting the tabs under the toolsbar.

I’ll check Thunderbird and other irc client.

(Caitlin Neiman) #4

You might want to try as a replacement for Google Translator.


Hello, if someone helps me with an extension that I use a lot and is no longer available is the Navigational Sounds, it’s like the sound that the internet explorer had, I love that extension, I do not use many but that is not available and I do not know how to search a similar one, thanks


If you’re not set on google for translation, you could try my web-extension.

(Stevenh928) #7
My personal choice for now is Mibbit.
I sometimes log on to view the creative side of Chatzilla, as they discuss the Quantum issue.
Thunderbird also works, but I’ve had issues with it lately in regards to Win10.