Any news on declarativeNetRequest support in Manifest v3?

Hi all! I’m starting to work on migrating my manifest v2 extensions to v3, since they’re cross-browser and Chrome will stop running v2 extensions in Jan.

Mozilla is evidently planning to support declarativeNetRequest as well as WebRequest, so I’d love to use DNR for both browsers, but I haven’t heard that it’s available in Developer Preview yet.

Anyone know anything more? Thanks in advance!

I’ve found the meta bug:

But it seems to be going pretty slowly, I have some doubts how they want to make it till the end of this year. Considering the implementation needs to go through Nightly and Beta first, that’s 2 months. So it would have to land in Nightly by the end of October :open_mouth:!

Anyway, since the brand new Firefox ESR 102 (scheduled for release next week) won’t be supporting MV3 for the whole year, I plan to keep my addons on MV2 till the next September.

There is no need to rush things.
I’ve migrated most of my addons to MV3 and kept them in MV2 in Firefox and it works fine.
The background script converted to MV3 is still compatible with MV2. And the difference in the API calls can be made using the feature detection, for example:

if (browser.declarativeNetRequest) {/*MV3 style*/}
else {/*MV2 style*/}

Thanks for the detailed info! Makes a lot of sense, I may try the same thing.

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