Any way to change and install an add-on?

I like the ‘Remote Switch for Pi-Hole’ addon, which lets you easily temporarily disable Pi-Hole filtering. However, I would like to make a change to the duration of disablement, which just requires commenting out 1 line. However if I do this the addon can’t be installed. I did some research and found that there’s no way to disable the addon verification to install untrusted addons. Do I have to publish the addon with the changes, or is there some other way to get it signed?


Do you think the author would consider making it a configurable option in the extension? If not, or if you can’t wait, there are at least two options:

(1) Temporary loading from a local folder on the about:debugging page

Each session, you can load unsigned extensions manually.

(2) Having the extension signed under your own Add-ons site account

You can select private distribution during the upload/signing process so you don’t have to create a page for it, you can just download it for your local use.