Any way to take over abandoned add-ons?

(Jonathan Kamens) #1

Two of the add-ons I use are going to break when Firefox 57 / Thunderbird 57 is released, and it appears that their maintainers have abandoned them: their support web sites no longer work, their support email addresses bounce, and there haven’t been any new releases in a long time.

I am happy to take over maintenance of these add-ons if that is possible, so that I can keep them working for myself and their other users.

Is this possible? If so, how?


(Jorge) #2

We can’t hand over listings without the owner’s permission. Your best bet is to fork the add-on and create a new listing.

You can also tell us which add-ons you’re referring to and we can try contacting the developers for you. Sometimes they have different email addresses set up for internal contact.


(Peci1) #3

@jorgev Could you please try contacting the author of FiltaQuilla? I wrote him to rkent [bflm] on 29 August, and still no reply. I’ve already prepared a release compatible with TB 60: . It’d be a pity to let the addon die (I can imagine a lot of people just consider addons defunct and do not seek for their “successors”). Thank you


(Jorge) #4

I don’t have other ways to contact him. He seems to be active on GitHub, so he’s still around. He might not be spending a lot of time on his add-on projects.


(Peci1) #5

Okay, thanks, I found a different email on github, so let’s see if that
one works.