"Approved" in status log, but "Awaiting Review" on status page

Hi Mozilla,

Suddenly my extension isn’t getting processed. It shows the status being changed to Approve in the log but then it says “Awaiting Review” on the status page. If this is indeed being flagged for review, please clarify your messaging. I waited for over a week and then submitted a new version. Still same problem.

If this is a random flagging, I suggest only randomly flagging for human review at the rate you can review them and not creating queue that’s too big to process quickly. This cause your biggest advocates problems. My extension https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/kindred-parental-control/ is published in the Chrome store as well, but I always use Firefox for my main browser and I encourage others I know to as well.

When we don’t get feedback quickly, it makes me feel like Firefox is abandoned. This is a very scary thought. For Firefox to succeed against other browsers, people need to know it’s alive and active. Thanks!

I believe my addon id is: c9ed9617-19dc-445b-8633-eaaa83d865b7