April 19, 2021 Add-ons Community Meeting

Hi all! The next add-ons community meeting is April 19, 2021 4:00 PM. We’ll be talking about recent happenings in the add-ons ecosystem. If there’s anything you would like to discuss, please add it to the agenda.

This meeting will be streamed on Air Mozilla.

Something that I guess is kind of related to AMO SEO that I’d like to see added to AMO is the ability for add-on developers to set the thumbnail image that’s displayed when you share the listing link on social media. Right now it just uses the first uploaded screenshot, but it would be better if developers could upload an appropriately sized image just for social media thumbnails.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @ComputerWhiz! We had a quick team chat about it this morning. Were you looking for a new section on the “Edit” page where you could set the image that appears in social sharing?

One possible hack you could try at the current moment is to upload a 2:1 image as your first screenshot. The aspect ratio should be kept during resizing, so we think that it might look better for social media thumbnails.

Yes, the listing should have the option to either select what screenshot appears on social sharing or upload a separate image that’s used just for social sharing.

Other platforms (Chrome Web Store, Opera, etc) allow developers to upload what they call a “promotional image”. It’s not displayed as a screenshot, it’s just used for some internal search pages and social sharing. It’s a specific dimension that they’ve determined works well for social sharing and their internal pages.

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