Arabic sentences in the German sentence validator

Right now there are arabic sentences in the German sentence validator:

Maybe spam, maybe just a mistake. If you switch languages a lot, sometimes languages from the last language are shown on this page. But I did never use the arabic version of the website, so this can’t be the issue here.

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Thank you so much for flagging this, are there just a few of these that you’re seeing or are there a number of them showing up in validation?

Just checked again. There are just around 5-10 arabic sentences.

Similar happened with Zaza (from Turkey, so their L1 language is either Turkish or both). They used Turkish UI language and added sentences from there, which go in Turkish text-corpus.

AFAIK, currently, you need to use to switch to that interface language. You cannot use Turkish interface to write into Zaza. It may be the case that Arabic speakers using German interface donated them :slight_smile:

Common Voice’s UX is great, but that part is not very much intuitive.

It’s indeed the Arabic alphabet but this text is in Pashto, I’m only stating that to help in case the letter codes mixed somehow.

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