(Arch Linux) (Firefox-Dev) Urls opened from external applications not being opened properly

I recently installed Firefox Dev on Arch Linux (didn’t use pacman, downloaded it and linked it myself) and I’m running into a problem where every time I open a link from an external application many things such as images and some js elements won’t properly or at all. I believe this is caused by firefox saving the site to a local path and opening that for some reason. I’ve never tinkered with firefox before, so I’m not sure how to approach this issue.

It completely breaks some sites such as osu’s main site as seen in this screenshot:

This likely happens, because in recent versions the same-origin policy has been strengthened for file:// URIs. file:// URIs are now not allows to load other files (CSS or JS) from the file system.

However, the problem here may be why local files are even opened.


How would you go about changing the way firefox opens urls? When I was googling my problem I found that some people needed for firefox to not block opening local files (or something along those lines). There must be a way to do the opposite and make firefox go back to opening them normally, especially in Dev Edition.

Well, for development you can always e.g. start a simple HTTP server with Python at localhost, which you can then access in Firefox.

The OP uses KDE Linux.

kfmclient is the name of the binary to use to open URLs

grun also exists for such purposes.

kioclient5 exec https://RT.com

should also visit the Russian news website RT.

The “linking” which the OP did is finicky on KDE. He should try more alternatives.

xdg-open https://rt.com

is a pretty esoteric way to do the same thing.