Are end user events not supported anymore by Reps program?

(Kami) #1

Hi Mozillians!
As I can see on MozActivate ( page, there aren’t any end-user related events in the focus.
I am really curious, are we seek only interest of developers within the Reps program. I have 2 events that is related to attending on festivals. I think these events are good to reach people outside our capital, Budapest and engage youngsters (16-40) with Open Source, Mozilla products and introduce volunteer opportunities. Additionally we educate with topic like safe in Internet, using Sync, mobile Firefox, browser tricks, etc.
First I asked support (and swags) for the whole attendance:

It seems the events haven’t got support. (10000+ visitors, four days, at least 200+ unique IRL reach / day) I discussed this with the team members of these events and we decided to still making these with on our own budget and asking only for swags. But asking for swags are rejected:

Events are on etherpad:

Is the Reps program finally lost it’s end-user focus, or what is the problem with such activities?

Thank you in advance!

(Rubén Martín) #2

Hello @kami911

The budget allocation is the current guide for the review team to distribute Reps resources.

MozActivate had during Q1 and Q2 more importance, but we intentionally left room for other initiatives that can demonstrate that the use of funding will provide relevant impact.

I can’t comment on your specific cases because I wasn’t involved, but if you feel they should be re-evaluated please work with your mentor to take review team feedback and feel free to reach out the Council if you have any concerns.


(Kami) #3

Hi Folks,

How can I reach out the Council directly regarding to this event, swag request?
Thank you!

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #4

You can write to reps-council at but in any case for this ticket without the approval of the budget is not possible to allow the swag request. Talk with @Rizki_Kelimutu and see what the review team can do for you (also with your mentor) :slight_smile:

(Rizki Kelimutu) #5

Hey Daniele,

thanks for mentioning me. @kami911 Apologize, I’m a bit caught up for the past days. Let’s work on this again in the bug.