Are existing recommended extensions automatically available on Android?

Currently, only a handful of extensions are available on Firefox for Android because Android availability is limited to add-ons in the Recommended Extensions Program.

I have a desktop add-on that’s currently in the Recommended Extensions Program. If I add Android to the list of applications in the AMO listing, will users be able to download it on Android or is there some other approval process for Android?

Why is this a thing even? Almost all addons are gone, why?

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@premier69 Honestly, I’m not sure why it has taken them so long to make add-ons available on Firefox for Android. Right now it’s only a handful that are available. I’m not sure if this is even something they are working on. It’s been years since they overhauled Firefox for Android.

To answer my own question, no, there is a different approval process for Android Firefox. I verified this with one of the members of the Firefox team.