Are tabs affecting my preformatted text?

I like to indent with tabs set to a width of two spaces. Could this be why my code gets stretched out in the discourse editor? Here is my code before I paste it to the editor.

And here’s what it looks like in the preview window:

That’s because Discourse’s editor is configured with a different tab with.

This is an advantage of tabs, since everyone can use their preferred indentation width without forcing it on others.

P.S.: You seem to have some stray spaces in there.

That’s what I always say, but most people stare at me and insist that spaces are better for everyone. I don’t understand how that’s the case, since tabs let everyone decide how much horizontal space they want .

Oh well…

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So, to avoid this I should not mix tabs and spaces?
p.s. How do you set the indentation width in the discourse editor?