Are we Discoursing yet?

For the past week or so I’ve been working on, the start of a stats dashboard for Discourse.

Now that we’ve got it working with a basic total users graph (and, I agree, the graph could be improved) the question is: what stats/metrics do you want to see, and how do you want to see them?

(Note that we won’t be able to obtain historical data for everything - total users is one of those which is easy because every user has a recorded sign-up date. Shoutout to @yousef for almost bringing down prod when trying to install the plugin and @tanner for the domain.)


Oh yeah, forgot to mention, the source:

Needs a title, and the same stats as the last version we were working on (categories, subscribers, posts)


If there are stated goals for Discourse, then those would be provide a good source of things to measure.

In general, rates of things (things per time period) are more useful than gross counts. Unless you delete stuff, the number of users or posts will always go up, but the rate of new users, or rate of posts can tell you more.


Where are the plans for this, ie what should we expect to see next and what do you hope it will ultimately look like?

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I’d like to add metrics about active users, and some sort of plot of vouched Mozillians registered on Discourse against total vouched Mozillians.

Next we should expect to see some more stats, presented in a more useful way. Ultimately, I’d like to see AWDY as the one-stop shop for metrics showing Discourse to be a useful and crucial part of furthering the Mozilla mission.

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  • Average new users per day.

  • Charts should be interactive

Hi! (Recently joined) Discourse team member here. Slowly catching up on Mozilla’s use of Discourse! Lots of interesting reading to plough through.

Just wanted to point out that some simple visual statistics is a popular request on Discourse Meta as well (search for things like “statistics” on Meta for other relevant discussions). If you end up making a general purpose plugin for visual stats you’d be seeing a lot of virtual high fives coming your way in no time.

  • Trend line for total users