Are we supposed to use System#world instance property?

I see that System has a .world property which can be referenced from inside the System#execute to (for example) add new entities to the World.

Is this meant to be a part of System’s API or is it intentionally omitted as part of internal implementation that can possibly change? Just wondering since I am experimenting with Typescript and there is no .world property defined on System.

(btw this project looks really promising, thanks for all your effort!)

Hi Nejc,

Yes, currently world should be accessible on systems and it should be ok to use it, as you mentioned for creating new entities or so.

I’m glad you like the project :wink:

re the typescript definitions, I’m not using typescript currently so not sure the status of the data definition there, but I know there are two PRs open to refactor the definitions and a colleague of mine is going to take a look at them in the following days.