Are you using any of the contributor metrics in Kitsune?

Hello everyone,

The platform team (which basically Madalina and Tasos) is working on the responsive design project for Kitsune and they’re trying to figure out which community dashboard/metrics that are still being used by the community. So far, these are the pages that I can identify (and please let me know if I missed something):

We are aware that some of them are broken and there’s a chance that we’re going to remove it if it’s not being used anymore. But certainly, at least we’re going to put it out of scope from the redesign project if it’s not being used anymore. So if it’s important for you, please flag it to us!

And please note that we’re not changing anything on the API side. This project will only effect the visualization of the data.

On behalf of the SUMO team,

I, personally, don’t use them but I think it would be nice to at least keep the Support Forum Metrics and Contributor Metrics. However, the latter could be reduced to one more simplified graph like the former.

In other word, having a one page where we can easily look at the big picture of the community health (satisfaction, time of response for the forum question).