Aria roles not shown correctly

Firefox is not recognizing my document’s aria roles correctly.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an html file with a <header /> tag
    1a. optionally add a role of “banner”
  2. Open the file in Firefox
  3. Open the accessibility inspector.
  4. The header element has a role of “landmark”. Generally, the default role for headers should be “banner” (source)

Additional Info
This also happens for <nav />, <footer /> and <main />.

Windows 10, Firefox 82.0.3

Hi Binyamin,
this is pretty much the case of Accessibility inspector not showing correct aria role.

Hi, I realize that this is unexpected landmar roles that are exposed in Firefox via “xml-roles” attribute rather than a role property (you can see that in the inspector too, if you expand the attributes property you’ll see that xml-roles is set to banner). Screen readers will handle this case correctly.

In any case, seeing how this is not the first time it’s brought up, I thin we can improve things (in terms of visibility of the xml-roles) , so I opened

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