Ask us anything - Questions from new Reps

Today we are starting the second Cohort for the on-boarding Webinar. We have 12 applicants who will be going through the Webinar and probably will have questions. This is the place for those questions. Many Reps are present in this Discourse category and can help answer the questions you might have as well.

Please check the Webinar wiki page’s Questions&Answers section, your question might be already answered there.

Happy to take any questions!



Thank you Michael :smile:

Super excited to go through the on boarding process. This is my last week of exams and classes so, more time for Mozilla things :thumbsup:


Hi Micheal,

Thanks for the update. I am excited to be part of the webinar. As I am yet to be a rep. I recently organized a WebVR talk with a tech speaker already and Gambia does not have any reps so far. Can i set up a past event on remo and if yes, can i go ahead and contact another rep in a close by country to set up the event on remo or wait till i have my login details on remo since I am not an official rep yet?

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Good question. Happy to hear you’ve organized a WebVR activity! I think it’s fine if you add the event to the Reps portal once you have a login.


Okay thanks then. Looking forward to that.

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Thank you very much for the opurtinity, I have been cooperating in the community in the area of Sumo and QA for a long time, I would like to be reps so that sumo team also has a representative in the Central America region


There are some reps in Nicaragua y Central America, if you need help with anything do not hesitate to contact me, and we will see how to help the SUMO team.