[Ask] Webextension pollyfill create aditional uri when created tabs?

Hi all it’s my first time here and my first time developing an extension. So I develop an extension and use webextension-pollyfill I want to create new pages that point to my extension page using this.$browser.tabs.create({ url: 'options/options.html' }); but it won’t work because its always open wrong URL moz-extension://056c7c0c-4f10-4f4f-a667-b1acfc3c47cd/popup/options/options.html it should be moz-extension://056c7c0c-4f10-4f4f-a667-b1acfc3c47cd/options/options.html without the popup, how come? any solution to this?

I think you have two options here:

  1. add “/” at the beginning: '/options/options.html', so that it’s clear you are looking for the options page folder in the root folder, not in current folder (which is ‘popup’ in your case, right?)
  2. use browser.extension.getURL('options/options.html') to build whole URL