Asking for help on personal projects

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been slowly working my way though the excellent HTML and CSS guides on this site and am ready to use what I’ve learned to create my own web site. Are we allowed to ask for help here for personal projects? If not, does the community here have any recommendations to other forums such as this where I can ask questions about my HTML and/or CSS if I get stuck?

This site and the community have been indispensable in my learning but I don’t want to polute this site with questions that don’t directly apply to the Learning Assessments on “MDN Web Docs”.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @samir and welcome to the community :wave:

Generally, I would say it’s okay. The sad truth is that currently, it seems I’m the only volunteer regularly answering questions here and I can hardly keep up with the “normal” assessments. :slightly_frowning_face: Looking at unknown code takes much more time and personally, I mostly skip such requests with a heavy heart.

So chances are that your request stays unanswered. But you may also be lucky that someone else will help. You never know. :man_shrugging: I guess chances are higher if you have a specific, isolated question about solving something.

I still wish you all the best with your project. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day,

PS: Your email address is visible in your post. It ended up in the optional “name” field of your profile. I recommend removing it.

Thanks for the reply, Michael and for the heads up regarding the visibility of my email address! :open_mouth: (Hopefully I’ve resolved that now.)

No worries on not being able to answer my questions – I am still learning a lot just by looking at what other people post and replies to their issues.

Either way, this community and the documentation have been a huge help already!


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Looks good now :+1:

I’m glad to hear that.