Assessment and help wanted for Typesetting a community school homepage

Hello, I just fininshed the typesetting task, here is the my code and here is the task page , please let me know if I did the work correctly.
Also, here is one text styling task I didn’t work out, which is “Give the first paragraph after each heading in the <section> a little bit of text-indentation”. In my code, I used a pseudo-class “section h2 p:first-child”, based on my understanding, p’s parent is h2, h2’s parent is section, p:first-child means the first paragraph after h2, so it confused me why it didn’t work. Thank you for taking time to read. :grinning:

Hello @daisymzh95

you doing great well done here some notice :

  1. for the section h2 p:first-child mean section has h2 child who has p and target only the first sibling of those p but p is sibling of h2 not child of it

this the cheat sheet of css selector

so if we used section h2 + p it will work cause that mean there section and has child h2 and p but we want to target the p that just next to h2 so we use h2 + p

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your explanation, I just noticed p and h2 are siblings, I should pay more attention to the html code. :sweat_smile:

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you welcome we all miss something sometime :joy:

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