Assessment for structuring planet data

Hi there,

Is it possible if someone would be able to check my code for “Structuring planet data” please? Thank you!

Assessment Link:

My Code:

Hey @Kebin,

Well done, so far this looks great! Well done :tada:
I will take a closer look at the code soon. Hope you enjoyed the challenge!

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Hi @schalkneethling

Thank you so much! And yes I did, it took me time to figure it out but it was a fun and challenging process nonetheless!

Hey @Kebin,

This is good work. There are a couple of items to address. The first thing is the colgroup you created.

You can also make these span columns like one does with other table elements, for example:

     <col span="2">
    <col class="bordered">

To keep styling and structure separate, you will notice that I removed the inline style attribute and added a class to the col element. In the CSS, I then added the following style rule:

.bordered {
  border-style: solid;

There are a couple of other issues as well but, instead of listing them here I would recommend running your HTML through the W3C HTML validator

One thing I will point out is that with colgroup you have set the column count to be 3 but, the rows in the table actually contain 12 columns so, you will need to update your colgroup to reflect this.

Have a go at addressing these and also running your code through the validator. Let me know once you have done and I will take another look. If you have any questions or are unsure what to do about some of the errors, please do let me know.

Happy learning!

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Hi @schalkneethling

Thank you for your feedback. I have edited it and added the class element for the .

The only thing that I’m getting very confused with is the rowspan and colspan. I have inputted it into the W3C html validator and tried to make sense of the errors. I also looked at the inspector for the finished sample (I know I shouldn’t have cheated but I was getting stumped as to what made these errors). I noticed that I’ve added extra elements to some of the headers unnecessarily so I took them out.

The one thing I couldn’t figure out is the rowspan and colspans.

As you can see on the image, the rowspan according to the mdn example is 4, but when I put 4 in my code, the table does this.
I have updated the with this:

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Kebin

I hope @schalkneethling doesn’t mind when I’m giving you some additional feedback :wink:
There are three things to do for reaching zero errors on the validator:

  1. Your <col>s add up to 13 instead of 12 (The one without span counts as 1).
  2. Your elements inside <thead> enclosed in a row element.
  3. The <th> with “Terrestrial planets” needs to be inside the same row as “Mercury”.

Are you able to get to zero errors with theses hints?
If you need more help just ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice weekend,


Yes!! It worked! I fixed it according to your advice and there are no more errors showing up on the validator now. Thanks a lot for the help once again @schalkneethling and @mikoMK! You guys are awesome :smiley:


Great improvements! :clap: