Assessment needed for Advanced HTML Text 2

The homework says:

  • Turn the second paragraph into a block-level quote, and semantically indicate that the quote is taken from Accessibility.
  • Semantically mark up “HTML” and “CSS” as acronyms, providing expansions as tooltips.
  • Semantically associate machine-readable dates with the dates in the text.
  • Use subscript and superscript to provide correct semantics for the chemical formulae and dates, and make them display correctly.

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This is mostly correct :tada:

Two points about the blockquote line:

  • <p> should be inside <blockquote> instead of outside
  • You don’t need the <cite> element but the cite attribute of <blockquote>

This would be correct:

<blockquote cite="">
    By default, <abbr title="Hypertext Markup Language">HTML</abbr> is accessible, if used correctly.

I hope that helps :blush:

If you like to post more tasks it would be cool if you could put your code in a online editor like CodePen as described at the bottom of the task pages. It makes it easier for us assessing your work. Thank you!

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