Assessment needed for: Structuring planet data


I just finished Structuring planets data assessment and would like to receive some feedback about it.

In case the iframe above is not working, you can find the Glitch project here

I appreciate all the comments and recommendations.

Hi @eedx

Amazing work! Everything is correct.
I don’t think the   are necessary in the empty cells. Did the code behave differently without them?

In general it’s fine having either Glitch or CodePen. If you mainly work on Glitch just sharing the “edit” link is enough:!/mdn-assessment-tables

See you,

Hello @mikoMK

Thank you for your comments, they’re always appreciated.
I tried it both ways, the code behaves the same, but I preferred using the   just for my visual organization.

I mostly use Glitch, but for some reason, I still don’t know, the iframe from the project’s website doesn’t allow me to embed it here, so I decided to use CodePen for sharing this one as well.

Thank you!

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It’s not necessary to embed it here. Just the link is fine. Personally, I never look at the iframe and always open Pens and others in a new tab to see more of the code at once.