Assessment Request for Adding Bouncing Balls Features

Hi. Any assessment would be appreciated.

Not sure if I did it correct, especially about having an EvilCircle instance outside of loop() function - honestly I don’t know how it worked.

Also the instance disappears when it eats up all the balls, which is not the case in the finished example. It’d be a great extra help if anyone helps me out for those.

Thank you again and wish you have a pleasant day! :rabbit2:

Adding Bouncing Balls Features

Hey Harry,

I did see a few things that was a bit strange but it works.
ie: in the animation loop, your splicing the balls from the array, when their existance is removed it should be turned off and not displayed on the screen. I would look at that bit again and compare it with the final solution.

I would look to move the count-- to the ball class. I found it helped to group the objects and their behaviours together.

You did right to call or instanciate the evilCircle outside of the loop, if you tried to call this inside the loop you would off had a loop where EvilCircles were getting called randomly all over the place.

Check my take on the exercise out man, and let me know what you think. I did play about with it a bit more. Added some more functions, but its fully written up so it should be easy to read.

Bouncing Balls Game

Let me know of your highscore man,

Keep up the good work bud

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Hi @drgaud! Thanks for the assessment. Yours is looking great and so cool! I hope I can be of your level some day :bowing_man:

Have a nice day!

p.s. My highscore is 65 :sunglasses:

Hey Harry,

mate you made my day, tbh I didnt think I am at any kinda level. I am probably at the same place in the MDN course as you (Im currently learning async module atm). truth be told, I am really new at this aswell, only been doing JS since January.

I found its really lonely studying alone trying to figure all this shit out as we go through it without someone to bounce off. So I am building up a small network of people that can help each other learn web dev.

I dont do Social Media tbh I have setup a discord server for this very purpose, It would be good to have you onboard man.

In terms of your game, I would say take it further and dont just stop there. You’ve seen how far I took the concept of the bouncing balls and made it into a game. It started off for me rewriting the script into ES6 classes then I thought, I dont like the keyboard interactions, so I found out how to add a mouse controller from a seperate tutorial, Breakout Game using pure JavaScript - there is a problem with the tutorial-but the solution is easy to fix. (if you need a hand with this one just let me know) . From there I thought, wouldnt it be cool if… and I then spent a fair bit of time on it, (still am guru chris has been awesome in this respects - Assessment: Bouncing Balls , so I am determined more than ever to finish this off- really hate projects on the backburner lord knows I got enough of them) .

So, hit me up on the discord server, hopefully it could be a good retreat to get support. Keep working at it the project, rewrite it using classes and see what else you can do with it.

(This invitation is open to everyone who want to help others learn and grow in their web dev journey) link to MDN Learning Den on Discord

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Hi @drgaud! Thanks for inviting me to MLD. I just joined it. I think it’s cool and let’s see how things goes. Nice works :sunglasses:

Thanks man, =)

if you know of anyone who wants to join, just invite them and lets build this community up

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